For over 30 years, Contact Communications has been keeping businesses and busy professionals connected, seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

With over 260,000 hours of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers, we are confident that our wide array of messaging, call center and virtual office services are the right fit for your business, large or small.

Communication technology has evolved dramatically since our business started, but what hasn’t changed is our dedication to high quality, personalized services. From reaching you on an encrypted pager in the remote reaches of the Adirondacks, or our Secure Messaging App on the west coast,  to maintaining a round-the-clock live U.S. based contact center team, we can manage your calls and save you valuable time, assuring that your most important customers and contacts can always reach you.

In a 24/7, never-take-a-break, gotta-talk-now world, Contact Communications is your one-stop-shop for affordable and personalized messaging, answering and call center services.

Contact Communications Privacy Pledge

Contact Communications is a trusted HIPAA Business Associate, and we adhere to a rigorous set of protocols to ensure data security and client privacy. We follow all of the rules related to HIPAA, as well as all state and federal privacy laws.

Our pledge to you:

  • We are bound, by contract, as a HIPAA Business Associate to protect client privacy.
  • We will only provide sensitive information to entities that serve clients directly.
  • We never release publicly accessible data that could be used to re-identify individuals.
  • We do not share, repackage or sell data to any outside entities.
  • We do not transport patient health or other confidential service data anywhere
  • We train all of our staff and contractors on safe handling of sensitive data